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CSR Activity: Installation of traffic light system at Khlong Hua Lam Phu Community Samut Prakan Province
Date : 2022-12-01

       On November 30 2022. Yuasa Battery Thailand Public Company Limited by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operation Officer  (COO) together with the company employees and people from the Khlong Hua Lamphu community jointly launched the Yuasa Save Earth project. Year 2 Under the traffic light system installation activities.

      From accident problem robbery That often happens from using the pedestrian route next to the Mae Bang Phai Shrine. Connect to Soi B Thai during the night. because the traveling path is not well lit risk of danger

        The CSR team and the company engineers Therefore, surveyed the area and designed the lighting system by using 16 energy-saving LED lights installed on the wall along the thoroughfare for a distance of 100 meters.

CEO COO receives a gift basket and thank you letter from the advisor to the Mayor of Bang Pu Subdistrict and Representative of the chairman of Khlong Hua Lam Phu community
On November 29, 2022, a team of engineers from the MCB Assembly line Department together with the Environment and Electric Power DepartmeProceed to install the lighting system on the wall.