Terms of car battery warranty for YUASA brand
  1. Yuasa battery, all models are guaranteed for 1 year from the month that the customer bought the battery.
  2. "Yuasa" batteries if damaged in the warranty period By cause Degradation due to the manufacturer "will give the new battery to the customer according to the size that the customer bought Without any charge at all
  3. Degradation from use due to the manufacturer Yuasa Battery Thailand Co., Ltd. will be responsible for compensating new batteries for customers in the case of And the following reasons
    1. Caused by the welding of the anode and cathode bridges or bad elements Electricity is not convenient. The ability to store fire 
    2. Degraded from standard or caused by internal short circuitInternal short circuit Because there are lead fragments between the elements
    3. Other disadvantages include a leak in the battery pot or the battery cover.
  4. Use deterioration due to user Yuasa Battery Will not be responsible for compensating the new battery for the customer in the following cases and reasons
    1. Users do not add distilled water in the case of dry electrolyte solution.
    2. Long battery storage Too much power supply In the event that the car is not used for a long time
    3. Overcharging causes the battery to short circuit.
    4. Changing acid or adding acid instead of distilled water When the electrolyte solution is dry
    5. Various accidents outside the car fire, collision, water accident, acid leakage, leakage due to the pot cracking, cracking the positive electrode
    6. Polarizing battery charging
Note: If the battery has been repaired before, such as the battery that is poured out of the acid. Yuasa Battery Will not be responsible for all
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