Corporate Goal
“To manage competitive production cost and continuously increase sales and share in domestic and overseas markets” 
“We shall become a leader of battery manufacturers in terms of world-class quality technology.”
“To become a battery manufacturer with quality and competitive cost derived from applying new technological innovation and philosophies to develop management, production and personnel for the company’s stable steps, reliability and achievement” 
General Policy
To be able to be in the front liner of World class producer, the general policy was as follows:-
Producing a world class quality battery, building and innovating the new technology in product development and product manufacture at the competitive cost with the save of any expenses and to work the necessary overtime. Also, to find method of cost reduction through the product’s re-design which requires less raw material and reducing defect rate and market claim rate. 
The quality of product is important by the process of process of production and the good’s staffs. 
Improving and adjusting the manufacturing process and increasing of convention and MF automotive battery. To be in market-trend, focus will be aimed to MF battery for motorcycle sector.
To build a substantial profit, building and increasing of market share continuously. Sales, marketing and other supporting teams will be concentrated. 
 To create self management in every levels. 
To create strength measurement for company’s liquidity and no financial from debt. 
To create team and coaching in department and corporate level for future competitiveness and rotation of staff in important position. 
To build up a fair and suitable remuneration to employee based on the company situation and economic environment. 
To change vision, culture and management system be in line with social situation and business world. 
To create the monitoring and countermeasure. (Based on Management Information System, MIS) 
To enter the technology to help the work and decision making. 
To distribute the accounting data to staffs for understanding about company’s situation, competition and any problems, to aim to join the solve this problem of each department. 
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