Message from Chairman

The year 2021 would be the challenging year for the Company due to the new wave of the COVID-19 in the country. However, the government took such good control of the pandemic, and the vaccines were already distributed to many countries including Thailand. Anyhow, the economy of the year 2021 was still uncertain and slowly recovered. Therefore, the Company would focus on the sales and release of various new product model to response to the customer need and expand the customer base. In the same time, the Company must be careful of the debt repayment from customers. The Company still planned to proceed the cost reduction plan in every process and expenses management for the highest efficiency, including to constantly improve the factory to be safe and environmentally friendly for the sustainable growth.

As the leader of the automotive and motorcycle battery production and distribution, the Company provided the various products designed to response the customer need in aspect of both quality and services. Moreover, it was a promise from the Company to operate the business with the determination in line with the Good Corporate Governance principle, trustworthy and transparent to the stakeholders, from the customers, distributors, employees, shareholders including the neighborhood community and related persons.

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of the Board of Directors to the shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, and all related persons for the trust, confidence, and support for the Company’s operation. And please be assured that the Company had the determination to improve the products, the service quality, and the potential in order to remain as the leader of various and complete battery production under fast changing competition in order to steadily return the benefit to the shareholders.

Mr. Akira Kiyomizu
Chairman of the Board of Directors (Acting)
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