Standard system

Quality Policy

The Company certified quality management system standards in the scope of Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Ltd., a series of standards for quality management developed on 2004 for organizations a system to maintain, control, and improve the quality of products and services. Having a plan and guidelines for implementation purposes in order that prevent and reduce the quality of the source. The activity aims to make the products and services of the organization. Since the acquisition of raw materials, research, and development of products designed to deliver cost-effective use of resources. Reduce the risk of causing problems. Increase the opportunity that the business progresses continue and avoiding the use of chemicals according to customer specifications and relevant laws.

The company  has setting  a management quality management which is responsible  specialist and announced a policy to provide quality for employee and everybody  concerns  put into practice on July 8, 2013.

Environmental Responsibility
Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Public Company Limited operates under the framework of Environmental Management. Achieve environmental performance goals and achieve excellent and sustainable performance. Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Plc. is an important mechanism to drive the improvement of environmental standards under the requirements of ISO 14001 and relevant legislation.
In addition, Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Public Company Limited has developed a tracking system for internal and external environmental management ISO 14001 standard and the law, so that all relevant agencies are aware of the rules and regulations. This is a case of lost rules and practice executives and related practitioners can plan to follow the existing and emerging rules quickly.
Safety and Occupational Health
In the battery business Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Public Company Limited is committed to the importance of occupational health and safety as essential to business development. The ultimate aim of the company is the business without affecting employees, property, stakeholders. Encourage employees to share responsibility with occupational safety and health to improve compliance to reduce accidents and least to losses.
Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Public Company Limited has developed a management system for safety management in the health always. The importance of security management occupational health is an important basis for achieving satisfactory results.
The purpose of the organization. Including the contractor company to focus on such matters as well by contracting companies to think together. Improve safety, occupational health and create a strong culture of security. The goal is to be an organization without any accident.
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