Message from Chairman
     The country’s overall economy in 2022 posted a growth of 2.6% thanks to the recovery in private-sector consumption and the recovery of the tourism sector. After the COVID-19 outbreak declined, the government has relaxed the measures for cross-country traveling, starting in late 2022. This contributed to the recovery of the tourism sector, and contributed to the growth of income in the labor sector and relevant business. Many of the government’s schemes — such as the half-half co-payment scheme and the State Welfare Card scheme — helped boost domestic demand and eased people’s burden on spending.

     As the nationwide situation has improved, while the global outbreak has declined, in 2022, the Company generated higher sales revenues compared to that of the year 2021. The Company still focuses on maintaining the existing customer base while also gives priority on adding new sales channels. In terms of production, the Company has adopted new technologies to improve production, resulting in high-quality batteries with competitive cost and reduced production waste. Moreover, the Company has continuously improved the areas in the factory and around the factories to ensure safety, environmental friendliness and social responsibilities. 

   The Company expects the country’s economy in 2023 to be on the rise supported by the recovery in the tourism sector and the continuously increasing demand. The Company, therefore, focuses on selling existing products and importing new products to cater to the demand of customers. The Company also focuses on expanding customer base, controlling effectiveness of production for quality products, controlling costs and spending in line with sales and production and continuously improving the factory to ensure safety and environmental friendliness.

   Finally, the Company would like to express thanks to all shareholders, customers, trade partners and all benefactors who have been supporting us. This also includes executives and employees of all levels who have carried out their responsibilities with full capabilities. We promised to operate our business with the commitment towards the Good Governance principles for our sustainable growth.
Mr. Akira Kiyomizu
Chairman of the Board of Directors (Acting)
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